Do You Know More About San Diego Dental Implants?

Many people, when they go to a dentist, are simply looking for help and comfort. However, people who are suffering from tooth pain need to know more about the many types of dental procedures available to them in the Orange County region. Many people simply visit their regular dentist for a cleaning or a simple filling and never think about what might be wrong with their mouth. If this is happening to you, then you should learn more about San Diego Smile Center.

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Many times people do not realize that dental problems can arise in the mouth before there is any pain in the teeth. “Dental Implants,” as these devices are also known, are one of the most common types of dental procedures available today. In fact, there are thousands of people like you who have benefited from dental implants. “The team at The Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists in San Diego want to extend a warm welcome to you, with convenient offices conveniently located in San Diego, California. Our experienced oral surgeons, Paul Koshgerian, DMD., and Jonathan Shelton, DMD., provide the highest standard of dental care for qualified patients of all ages. We are committed to providing a smile makeover that is painless, easy, and affordable.

One of the most popular uses of Dental Implants surgery is to replace missing teeth. Because of the amazing success rate associated with these procedures, many adults, as well as teenagers, have successfully replaced multiple missing teeth with implants. These operations are designed to simulate natural chewing, which allows the replacement tooth to become part of the natural chewing surface. An oral surgeon will make an initial impression of your tooth and oral cavity through microscopic examination and x-rays. Next, your oral cavity will be examined under a general anesthesia to determine whether the replacement implant will be successful.

Before surgery, your San Diego dental professional will teach you how to protect your new teeth and keep them from becoming damaged during the months and years following the surgery. This includes regular brushing, flossing, using dental wax and an antimicrobial mouthwash. You will also be instructed on a daily program of personalized oral hygiene to prevent plaque and other conditions from damaging your teeth and oral cavity. This comprehensive oral care program will allow you to maintain proper oral cavity health and to enjoy a bright, healthy smile for many years to come.

After the oral cavity and jaw surgery has been completed, a periodontist will oversee the surgical site and post-surgical care. In addition to overseeing post-surgical care, the periodontist will advise you on the use of mouth guards, pain medications and other oral care products. These products will help you maintain healthy gums and a positive smile. You will also be counseled on exercise routines that promote healing of damaged bones and teeth. These can include softball, swimming and golf. These activities help you build strength and stamina, which help you prevent bone loss and post-surgical jaw pain.

The cost of your San Diego dental implants will depend on many factors including your current oral health and age, the number of teeth you need to replace and the surgical procedure used to install them. Your San Diego dentist can provide you with the information you need to assess the cost of the procedure and help you decide whether it is right for you. This includes calculating the cost of the oral surgeon, anesthesia, laboratory work, food costs and the cost of the implant. Implants can require multiple procedures and take several weeks to heal before they are usable. Be sure to ask questions so you can be sure you understand all aspects of the procedure.