Guardian Self Storage – Why Choose Us?

One of the best advantages of Guardan Self Storage centers is how easy they are to use. All you have to do to use one of these facilities is to make a reservation in advance. When you make a reservation, you’ll be able to choose the size of unit that you want and also have the option of choosing from a variety of storage spaces. You can arrange for self-storage on a temporary or permanent basis. The latter option is often best for people who only need to store things for a short period of time, such as business men, school students, or anyone else whose possession is being placed in danger due to illegal activity.

Secure Self Storage | Guardian Self Store | Berkeley

Another advantage of using a guardian self storage facility is that it is convenient. There are many different types of these types of services available on the Internet today. You can easily locate a local facility by searching Google. Once you locate some choices, you may wish to visit them personally in order to see how the facility operates. The more comfortable you are with the way things work at a facility, the more likely you are to be a satisfied customer.

In addition to our friendly, convenient and affordable rates, our facilities are clean, efficient and feature multi-room storage with various floor models. We even have climate controlled rooms so you don’t have to worry about the temperature while storing your items. Most units have separate bedroom areas where you are able to store children’s clothing and other personal items. Our Washington state-owned and operated facility is conveniently located near the heart of downtown Albany, just minutes from state capital Seattle and just a short drive away from Microsoft headquarters.

As you consider what Guardian self storage will provide you with, make sure it has multiple floor plans to meet your individual storage needs. The more floor plans available, the more flexible your options are. Think about what items you typically store in different rooms in your home, and then think about how many rooms it would take to store everything in one unit. Whether you need a larger area or a smaller area, our large spaces come in handy when we have to transport boxes and belongings for an extended period of time. The convenience of our convenient delivery services is also very appealing.

The extra conveniences that our Guardian self storage has to offer is in addition to our wide room sizes and drive-in-front delivery options. There are no hidden fees, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for. It’s easy to get good service when you trust our commitment to you. Your home is important to us, so we work hard to make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide. When you need a secure place to keep your things safe and secure, trust Guardian storage with your next move.

Stop dragging your feet and start enjoying your freedom now. Don’t be unsure of where to store those valuable items now that they are in your possession. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and have all your possessions picked up when you are ready. Our storage partners are ready to help you get organized and are available for any questions you may have regarding the placement of your items.