Why Buy Vinyl Plantation Shutters? Pros and Cons

Plantation shutters are the ultimate in privacy control. The A2B Windows and Blinds Perth Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to provide extra security for their homes while still allowing light through when desired. Plantation shutters are often referred to as venetian blinds due to their large size and shape resembling that of Venetian blinds. In recent years, however, more people have been purchasing these shutters because of their unique features and range of uses.

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Plantation shutters are available in three main varieties: Top, Medium, and Custom. A top shutter is also a stable and solid window covering consisting of a large frame with wide horizontally placed louvers and vertical slats. These shutters are great for controlling light and providing a degree of privacy desired by homeowners. Often, the top plantation shutters are used in addition to additional window coverings such as drapes or shades. However, some people prefer to use the shutters alone and allow the curtains or shades to be used only for decoration.

Top plantation shutters are typically used in French country, old style or Queen Anne inspired homes. They give an authentic look to any home, but are especially appropriate for those who wish to complement the traditional look. These traditional styles are typically made of wood and consist of two panels attached by four adjustable hinges. There is a top shutter available in a variety of woods, including mahogany, oak, maple, cherry and more. To add class and distinction, these traditional shutters are sometimes hand crafted or hand painted.

While traditional shutters provide a classy and rustic appearance, they are not necessarily all that practical. Top quality Plantation shutters are constructed with a heavier frame and a stronger rubber or neoprene bottom panel to prevent warping and feathering. This allows the shutter to be closed tightly and retain its integrity even when left in the open. For those looking for a more practical window covering, the Plantation shutters provide a lighter feeling without sacrificing durability or privacy. This is because traditional shutters are constructed of wood and can easily be damaged, whereas vinyl plantation shutters are constructed of stronger materials and can resist damage from both heat and weather.

In addition, when compared to traditional wood shutters, vinyl Plantation shutters are less likely to splinter. They are also known for their customization options which include engraving, carving or painting. Because of their durable construction and lightweight, they can often be installed with ease using standard cement joints. For added security, many companies also offer remote control operation which allows users to adjust the shutters on their own. This convenient option allows homeowners to block out unwanted sunlight without having to physically open and close the louvers.

Although vinyl shutters have a lot to offer, they are not perfect. Like all products, there are some cons to consider which includes: Since they are made from a stronger material, they may not withstand severe temperature fluctuations. As mentioned previously, they require a sturdier base and they can easily be damaged by strong winds. However, for those looking to revamp their home without completely gutting and replacing it, the Plantation shutters are an excellent alternative.